Delle has never had anything against secrets. At least, not until recently.

Maybe that was because she didn’t realize just how many secrets there were - or who exactly has been hiding them. Until Attis was taken, it never occurred to her that someone else might have something to hide. 

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​Assisting the Rebel army was not a role Delle ever expected to find herself playing, but she had to admit that living without the threat of arrest under The Eye's new laws was a major perk.

When old friends come to call, however, not only is the safety of Delle's family threatened, but the safety of every Gypsy and Taint in the country. 

Delle is determined to make this the last time. 



Delle is an outcast even among the exiled. She has been living on the fringes of society for years, struggling to conceal the one thing about herself that has ruined

her life over and over again. It used to be her main priority. That was before they took Attis.

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