Dearest readers,

I remember where it started. 

In my third grade classroom in Ft. Worth, Texas, there

was a little box sitting on the windowsill. We were

supposed to put a notecard in the box for every book we

read that year. I've never been competitive, but for some

reason I took this particular assignment as a challenge.

By the end of the school year I had read over one hundred

books and my box was full to the brim.

Though the assignment ended my obsession with reading didn’t. The more I read the more I had the desire to create a story of my own. I was twelve years old when I finished writing my first novel - and it was horrible - I mean, come on y'all, I was twelve years old. Nevertheless, it was an unbelievably magical experience. Spinning entire worlds and vivid characters out of thin air with just the power of my words? I felt like a magical sorcerer princess.

Since then I’ve written countless stories in a variety of genres, mainly young adult science-fiction and fantasy though I've admittedly begun dabbling in the new adult magical realism/contemporary genre.

Gypsy, the first book in A Tainted Age trilogy, was the first one of my stories to reach publication.

I wrote Gypsy during my sophomore year of high school, shortly after moving to rural Northern Oregon. From that point onward I spent my time both writing and seeking representation for my writing.  

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grand Canyon University in 2017 with a B.A. in English Literature and minor in Theatre before moving back to Texas, this time to the great city of Austin.

To state the obvious, my interests involve writing and reading. I also love acting, dancing, and singing and especially enjoy musical theatre and attend a production whenever I get the chance. I have a *mild* obsession with Marvel and enjoy science-fiction shows like Firefly and Dark Matter and even the occasional anime.

If there is one person to thank for the successes I’ve experienced in life, it’s God. I look to Him in times of calm and storm and rely on His guidance daily. More than anything, I want my writing to inspire people to become the person they want to be, bless them with an adventure they might not have otherwise had, teach them more about humanity in general and how we relate to each other, and above all offer a healthy, truly magical escape - an escape they can come away from with more understanding and confidence in themselves than ever before.  

All my love,