I can still remember where it all started. 

In my third grade classroom in Ft. Worth, Texas, there was a little box sitting on the windowsill. We were supposed to put a note card in the box for every book we read that year. I've never been competitive, but for some reason I took this particular assignment as a challenge. By the end of the school year I had read over one hundred books and my box was full to the brim.

The assignment ended only a few months later, but my obsession with reading didn’t. The more I read the more I had the desire to create a story of my own. I was twelve years old when I finished writing my first novel.

Since then I’ve written countless stories in a variety of genres, mainly science-fiction and fantasy. Gypsy, the first book in A Tainted Age trilogy, was the first one of my stories to reach publication.

I wrote Gypsy during my sophomore year of high school, shortly after moving to rural Northern Oregon. From that point onward I spent my time both writing and seeking representation for my writing.  

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Grand Canyon University in 2017 with a B.A. in English Literature and minor in Theatre.

To state the obvious, my interests involve writing and reading. I also enjoy acting, dancing, and singing and especially enjoy musical theatre and will attend a production whenever I get the chance. I have a mild obsession with Marvel and enjoy science-fiction shows like Firefly and even the occasional anime.

If there is one person to thank for the success I’ve experienced in life, it’s God. I look to Him in times of calm and storm and rely on His guidance daily. More than anything, I want my writing to inspire, bless, teach, and entertain just like the books I read have always done for me.